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The DROPS Metaverse is an initiative by the DROPS (Dropped Object Prevention Scheme) Asia Chapter to create a forward-looking learning and collaboration platform in Virtual Reality.

Using a VR headset, windows or mac, you can enter a multiplayer 3D environment which has been curated for you to learn all about dropped object hazard prevention. Using a customized avatar, you will be able to navigate various scenarios to experience the impact of dropped objects, identify potential hazards, and learn about the various best practices for prevention. During our regular events, you can use the same avatar to meet with industry professionals just as if you were at a trade show.

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For the best experience, download the DROPS Metaverse on the Oculus Quest 1 and Meta Quest 2. Don’t have VR device yet? Explore the environments on your Windows or MAC computer.

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New approaches to safe lifting


November 27, 2023


15:00 - 16:00 UTC+8
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New approaches to safe lifting

November 27, 2023 @ 15:00 - 16:00 UTC+8

It will come as no surprise that lifting operations are involved in many reported (potential) dropped objects incidents. In the drilling industry, identical or very similar incidents are often repeated within the same or different operations. Join us for the upcoming webinar new approaches to safe lifting where we explore practical solutions to dropped object prevention.

In recent years, drilling operations have migrated to increasing use of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) as a way to transport both fluids and dry chemicals.  Fluids are often shipped in rigid IBC totes rather than drums, and dry chemicals are coming to rigs in Flexible IBCs or “Big Bags” rather than sacks.  Both forms of IBCs offer logistical improvements, however incidents have resulted due to a lack of adequate lifting devices.  Through industry engagement, Billy Pugh Company has developed a single lifting device that has addressed recent incidents, thus minimizing the risk of dropped loads from IBCs and Big Bags.

Many incidents that occur in the Oil & Gas industry occur when handling and transporting tubulars to and from the drill site. Contributing factors to many of these incidents include restricted deck space, inexperienced or untrained crew, damaged lifting slings, operational pressures, etc. Global Gravity invented a tubular transport and running system, TubeLock® TTRS, that allows for pipes to be transported and handled safely – no more staggering around on pipes to get the wire-free for the crane; no more pipes relocating themselves midair, trapping fingers, feet and hands; and no more unnecessary lifts with moving the pipes from boat to main deck and from main deck to pipe deck.

The DROPS Asia Webinar New approaches to safe lifting covers:

  1. Learnings from common incidents from lifting including pipe, casing and bulk good.
  2. Overview of standards, guidance and best practices
  3. Introduction to engineered solutions preventing dropped objects

In the webinar, we were joined by Jerry Holstein from Global Gravity, Mike Cadigan from Billy Pugh, Jeroen van Boxtel from Axess and Joachim van der Meulen from DROPS Asia.

Following the webinar, participants were invited for a virtual networking reception in the DROPS Metaverse to connect with the speakers and other attendees of the event.

Attendance and registration was free of charge through the kind sponsorship of DropsafeAxess Group, Global Gravity and Billy Pugh.

Please watch the full recording below

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