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The DROPS Metaverse is an initiative by the DROPS (Dropped Object Prevention Scheme) Asia Chapter to create a forward-looking learning and collaboration platform in Virtual Reality.

Using a VR headset, windows or mac, you can enter a multiplayer 3D environment which has been curated for you to learn all about dropped object hazard prevention. Using a customized avatar, you will be able to navigate various scenarios to experience the impact of dropped objects, identify potential hazards, and learn about the various best practices for prevention. During our regular events, you can use the same avatar to meet with industry professionals just as if you were at a trade show.

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DROPS Metaverse Apps

For the best experience, download the DROPS Metaverse on the Oculus Quest 1 and Meta Quest 2. Don’t have VR device yet? Explore the environments on your Windows or MAC computer.

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Upcoming Events



December 12 @ 14:0014:30 UTC+8

The DROPS Asia Committee meets on a bi-monthly basis and serves as a network to stimulate cross company collaboration around the subject of dropped ob […]


  • Welcome to the DROPS Metaverse Forum web application designed to join our events without installing an app or using a VR device.
  • This page will only work on PC and Mac using Firefox, Chrome or Edge browsers. 
  • The application is about 100 MB and may take a long time to download depending on your connection.
  • Some of the features of this application may be blocked by your company firewall. You may need to use a personal computer or use a guest network/hotspot to enter. 

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