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The DROPS Metaverse is an initiative by the DROPS (Dropped Object Prevention Scheme) Asia Chapter to create a forward-looking learning and collaboration platform in Virtual Reality.

Using a VR headset, windows or mac, you can enter a multiplayer 3D environment which has been curated for you to learn all about dropped object hazard prevention. Using a customized avatar, you will be able to navigate various scenarios to experience the impact of dropped objects, identify potential hazards, and learn about the various best practices for prevention. During our regular events, you can use the same avatar to meet with industry professionals just as if you were at a trade show.

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DROPS Metaverse Apps

For the best experience, download the DROPS Metaverse on the Oculus Quest 1 and Meta Quest 2. Don’t have VR device yet? Explore the environments on your Windows or MAC computer.

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Upcoming Events



June 12 @ 2:0015:00 UTC+8

The DROPS Asia Committee meets on a bi-monthly basis and serves as a network to stimulate cross company collaboration around the subject of dropped ob […]

DROPS Metaverse VR Experience

DROPS Metaverse VR Experience: An Overview

The DROPS Metaverse VR Experience stands as a dynamic 4-hour workshop. It aims to heighten awareness and foster a deep emotional connection to the subject of dropped object hazards, known as DROPS. This workshop also showcases the potential of virtual reality in enhancing training and boosting productivity. Notably, the core curriculum draws inspiration from the DROPS Virtual Reality Training, a collaborative effort with Shell Malaysia.

What Participants Will Gain

  • Insight into the prevalent causes of dropped objects in workplaces.
  • A clear understanding of the foundational principles behind dropped object prevention.
  • First-hand experience of how preventive measures can sometimes fail.
  • A profound emotional connection to the hazards of dropped objects.
  • Knowledge about the transformative power of VR and related technologies like AR in the professional realm.

Workshop’s Structure

  • Participants will dive into the world of the Metaverse. As they craft their 3D avatars, they’ll see the internet’s evolution from a mere data source to a vibrant, interactive multiplayer realm, best navigated via virtual reality.
  • The Cargo Inspection segment enlightens participants about the role of lifting and transportation in dropped object incidents. It also highlights the potential direct or indirect impacts of their actions.
  • The hazard hunt section imparts the essentials of reliable securing and the nuances of drops inspection/audits.
  • In the Human factor segment, participants will feel the pressures that personnel often face. These pressures can sometimes weaken preventive measures.
  • Breaks are productive too! Apart from the main VR experience, participants will tackle hands-on tasks. These include assembling tools for elevated work and installing safety securing. And if time allows, they’ll also delve into intriguing case studies.
Various DROPS scenarios

Various DROPS scenarios

Cargo Inspection, Rig Inspection and Human Factors

Learn from Incidents

Learn from Incidents

Real life incidents recreated in the DROPS Metaverse

Human Factors

Human Factors

Experience how peer pressure, time pressure and lack of situational awareness leads to incidents

DROPS Inspection

DROPS Inspection

Learning about primary methods of securing, secondary retention and safety securing

Create your 3D avatar

Create your 3D avatar

Create your 3D Metaverse avatar from a photo and dress it up in your preferred style

Virtual Networking

Virtual Networking

Remotely Connect with others in the DROPS Metaverse

DROPS Best Practices

DROPS Best Practices

An introduction to the most commonly used DROPS Resources

Hands on

Hands on

Hands on exercises with practical solutions for dropped object prevention

Technical Details and Requirements

The course can host up to 12 participants, divided into two groups. Currently, it’s available as an exclusive in-house training program. The software is compatible with devices like the Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and Meta Quest Pro. These devices are available for direct purchase from Meta Quest or can be rented.

For a seamless multiplayer experience, a robust internet connection is crucial. We recommend a high-speed, low-latency connection with at least 20mbit down and 10mbit upload speed, preferably on a high-end Wi-Fi 5 or 6 setup without any firewall restrictions. Additionally, to ensure safety and immersion in the VR realm, a spacious classroom (at least 16 square meters) is a must.

Assessment and Customization

At the end of the course, there’s an optional multiple-choice examination. Its inclusion depends on the specific needs of the customer. Moreover, we can tailor the course content to align with unique requirements. Additional topics include and are not limited to: DROPS best practices, policies, procedures, supplier management, model contracts, inspections, inspection management, audits, incident investigations, competency management and the introduction of new technologies/solutions.

About the Facilitator

Joachim van der Meulen has been the secretary of the DROPS Asia Chapter since its inception in 2009. He leads a cross company DROPS Steering Committee which shares learnings from incidents, stimulates the development and adoption of best practices and raises awareness via social media including LinkedIn and YouTube. As part of the Asia Chapter, he initiated and is managing the development of the DROPS Metaverse Virtual Reality platform. Aside from DROPS, Joachim has has held various roles in the Oil & Gas Sector including Product/Service Development, Business Development, Account & Contract Management and Marketing with ModuSpec, Stopdrop Tooling and Lloyd’s Register. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and is passionate about the intersection of new technologies and industrial safety.

For further details and pricing structures, kindly visit our contact page.

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