drops calculator

The DROPS Calculator is a tool designed to help assess the potential consequences of a dropped object. It plots the mass of the object against the distance it falls to determine possible outcomes. It is endorsed by the DROPS Workgroup and recognized by HSE Organizations. The calculator assumes that the object is a blunt object, so it is not compatible with broken glass, metal shards, etc. It also assumes that the individual is wearing standard PPE such as a hard hat, safety boots, and eye protection. When measuring the fall distance, it should be measured to the solid deck or ground level. However, it is important to keep in mind that the DROPS Calculator is only a guide and not an accurate prediction.

In terms of energy, the Joule is a unit used to measure dropped objects. It is recognized that any blunt object achieving 40 Joules or more in fall energy is likely to result in a Recordable incident or worse on impact with an unprotected human body. For example, a 200g Machine Bolt falling 27m would result in 53 Joules. The DROPS Calculator can be used in conjunction with this information to help ensure safety and prevent accidents.