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Petroleum Engineering Studies


I'm really excited and aligned with the purpose of the DROPSVR, as a Petroleum Engineering student, I believe that this technology it is very suitable with the ROV necessities, a great VR interface could improve a lot this sector!

I'm a member of SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) and Subsea Academy (project related to ROV operations) and we have a low-cost VR equipment, how can we unite forces?

I believe that our group could do a great job as volunteers, you can count on programming skills in Python, engineering-related knowledge, and the usual know-how of the petroleum industry!


Looking forward to the future!


Joachim has reacted to this post.

Hi Victor,

It would be great to have you involved in the project. DROPS VR is being created with the next generation of professionals entering the workforce, so what better to have you involved in the development. Let's setup a call to discuss further. My contact is

Best regards, Joachim